31 Days of Horror: Martyrs

Martyrs (2008)

Genre: Horror, Drama, Mystery

Martyrs is a revenge film where two girls go out in pursuit of revenge for their horrendous childhood abuse physically, sexually, and emotionally.  They journey into this terrifying world, a hellish nightmare to enact their revenge.

I mention this film only because someone recommended it.  I can’t recommend it because it is incredibly graphic and hard to watch.  If you like really depressing, violent, vicious movies. This is your type of film.

Again, this is not for your average movie watcher. One of those films that upset many people, they walked out of the film rather than finishing it. You’ll probably want to take a shower after watching it kind of film.

I’m not saying it is the most brutal horror movie ever, but i will say it is probably the most brutal that I’ll discuss.


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