31 Days of Horror: The Blair Witch Project (1999)

The Blair Witch Project (1999)Genre: Horror

Ah, the Blair Witch Project, a film you most definitely love or hate. Whatever your thoughts on the film, you have to respect what it did.  Incredibly small budget with no stars, no special effects at all, just 60,000 dollars which turned in 248.6 Million worldwide.  That is simply incredible and tribute to how refreshing, creative, and creepy the film was with next to nothing in it.

My biggest problem with the film isn’t anything within, but what it did to the horror movie industry. Suddenly, everyone decided to make these found footage films (still making them today). The majority of them are absolutely awful. They all hope to match the success of the Blair Witch, but fall well short.  (so very short).

Whatever the case may be, Blair Witch Project was a massive success, it has plenty of haters, but also many fans. Ultimately, it changed how the movie business looked at found footage films (Now someone make them stop!).

What is your favorite found footage film?


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