The Rewind (1990s) Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible (1996)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller

Director: Brian DePalma (Scarface/The Untouchables)

Starring: Tom Cruise, Jon Voight, Ving Rhames, Jean Russo, Vanessa Redgrave

An American agent falsely accused of treason must uncover the real spy without the help of his secretive organization.

This is the movie that started it all for Tom Cruise (Well, sort of). By the time of this movie, we knew who Cruise was, but Mission Impossible became his most renown and beloved franchise. Cruise played the character known as Ethan Hunt, the top agent in the IMF, a secret agency bent on stopping various major crimes and terrorism throughout the world.  While the sequels for me have been hit or miss. There is no denying that the first mission was one of his best.

I love the cast of this original movie. The action is solid, the score fitting. I may not be the biggest Cruise fan, but I do enjoy this film. I think it is the perfect role for him. (Not all that surprised he is still in this role nearly 20 years later)

There are a couple of scenes where you really can tell some CGI was used and I feel that takes away from the film.

This film may never satisfy all the original viewers of the Mission Impossible series, but it clearly has been popular enough to be one of the more successful franchises in the last couple decades.

Which is your favorite Mission Impossible film?


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