The Rewind (1990’s) Black Sheep

Black Sheep (1996)

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Chris Farely, David Spade, Gary Busey

A hard-working gubernatorial candidate needs to have his kind, but  incompetent brother out of his way so he can win the election.  The candidate and his staff hire an assistant (Spade) to help get his brother out-of-the-way of his campaign.  Together, this unlikely duo goes out into the rural part of the state to try to win voters over to his brother’s campaign..

This movie is rather stupid, but I also find it funny even as an adult today.  I like how well Spade and Farely work together in this film. They make it worth watching. Yes, the humor may be ow brow, slapstick humor, but should you enjoy that type of humor. Chances are you will love this movie.


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