New Releases for August 21st, 2015

New Releases of August 21st, 2015

Sinister 2

Genre: Horror

A mom and her two sons move into a house marked for death.

I’m skeptical about this sequel. I like the original, but I think one and done was fine.  The early reviews aren’t helping.

IMDb: 5.6 of 1629

Rotten Tomatoes: 12% 3.9/10 44% Enjoyed the film

American Ultra

Genre: Action, Comedy

Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Topher Grace, Bill Pullman

IMDb: 6.6 out of 1636 ratings

Rotten Tomatoes: 45%  5.5/10

A stoner turns out to be a secret government agent without him knowing. He’s marked for elimination, but turns out to be far too trained to be taken down easily.

We’ve seen this kind of movie a hundred, maybe a thousand times before. It’s been done and by the looks of it, been done better.  If you want the same old story, go and enjoy. Otherwise pass on this one.

Hitman: Agent 47

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller

Starring: Rupert Friend

IMDb:5.9 of 2,216

Rotten Tomatoes: 7%     3.6/10   55% Enjoyed the movie.

An assassin goes on a search for a woman who has the same powers as her, but she doesn’t know it.  He must show her what is already waiting within her.

Another video game gone wrong.


Genre: Comedy

IMDb: 6.8 of 219 ratings

Rotten Tomatoes: 89%  6.9/10   80%

Starring: Nat Wolff, Elizabeth Pena, Lily Tomlin, Judy Greer

A troubled  granddaughter, and her grandmother go on a journey of self discovery.  To confront the past, and prepare for her future.

This may be your safest bet if you want to watch a decent movie this weekend.

She’s Funny That Way 

Genre: Comedy

Starring:  Imogen Poots, Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston, Cybill Shepherd

IMDb: 6.2 of 4,439

A love triangle forms on the set of a playwrights new project.

It has a nice cast. May be a bit predictable, but you could could certainly do worse this weekend.


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