Movie Review: Dragon Ball Z: Ressurrection ‘F’

Title:Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’  

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure

Question going in: Can one of my favorite childhood shows give me anything different or at least more of the good stuff?

Dragon Ball Z: Ressurrection ‘F’ is about Lord Frieza being revived and seeking his revenge on the those who destroyed him: especially Goku. (Since they obviously can’t find adult trunks with good reason). To do this, Frieza has trained to become even stronger than before which is fitting because Goku has also grown so powerful. They are worthy adversaries.

The film overall was enjoyable.  It was clearly fan service to all those who have stayed loyal throughout the years.

The only real flaw I saw in it was that it didn’t show me anything new.  It didn’t show me any new moves or fighting styles. Not new formations or an “Oh, Wow! That was amazing!” moments.  Nothing exceptional happened that broke new ground aside from what I knew going in.  It kept the status quo.

There was potential to break new ground, but it would really have sucked if they did it. I won’t say more than that.

As for what I liked.  There was plenty.  I missed watching Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods (2014) and so I made sure not to miss this.  I’m glad I watched it.  Basically all your favorite secondary characters get a chance to shine. Even Gohan gets some awesome moments though I really wish he’d be a bit more proactive in his training.

The main show was of course Goku vs Frieza for yet another battle.  It was pretty epic. The animation was crisp, the musical score fitting of the tone of the film.  I loved the banter between Vegeta and Goku: it was fitting giving all their history.

There was some humor that hit and some that missed.  The humor ensured the film never got too dark which was also welcomed. I don’t need Dragon Ball Z to being dark and brooding (No DC Universe for you DBZ.)

There were some cool action scenes. Frieza still remained an awesome villain.  Even some life lessons locked in this gem as well.

It may have not been the movie of the year, but it gave me exactly what I paid for. Lots of action, nostalgia, a great battle between two iconic characters from the series, with some humor. If you are a fan of the series, or even watched it as a kid and want a refresher, check the movie out.


Love It

Like it- I really liked this film.  As I said before, it didn’t really wow me, but it gave me plenty of action and story. Let me relive some of my childhood for an hour and a half.  It was a lot of fun and I’m pleased I went to go see it.

Leave It


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