The Rewind (1990’s) Pocahontas aka (Avatar on Earth)

Pocahontas (1995)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Drama, Musical

Starring: Mel Gibson  Christian Bale, Linda Hunt, Billy Connolly

Settlers to the “new world” arrive. Some like Jon Smith look for adventure and new beginnings while others search for gold. They come in contact with native people and there is naturally conflict and mistrust throughout.

I still enjoy much of this movie. Sure, it’s almost entirely historically inaccurate. However, it’s fun to watch. Has some great musical numbers and lovable and unlovable human and animal characters.  I feel this movie gets ripped on often, but there is a lot of positives about the film.  Like Disney’s first non-white princesses to get their own movie (Yes, Jasmine from Aladdin was first.)  Anyways, I still very much appreciate the aspects of this film. The idea that greed can corrupt even decent men. That we must protect our natural surroundings and find means to work with it rather than against it.


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