Rewind (1990’s) Schindler’s List

Schindler’s List (1993)

Genre: Biography, Drama, Historical

Director: Steven Spielberg

Starring: Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Kingsley

Schindler’s List is about a greedy German businessman named Oskar Schindler who grows increasingly concerned over the treatment and persecution of the Jewish communities when Poland was occupied by the Nazi’s.  The movie tells the story of an unlikely humanitarian that Schindler became in attempting and often succeeding to save lives.

This is a powerful film, and on the aspect of overall quality of film making, there may be none better.  This movie is a work of art and that is perhaps its only flaw. It details the graphic persecution and tragedy which occurred in Poland and all across Europe because of the Nazi party and Adolf Hitler.  I found this to be a masterpiece, but at times I felt it was a bit too artistic for such a hideous moment in history.  However, even the simpler images in the movie evoke powerful emotions and that should always be a goal of good cinema. .

Spielberg had already become the gold standard as far as directors, but I think this was the movie which transcended him to another level. The cast is wonderful, the costumes, the writing, the cinematography, and music. The film is tragic, and yet beautiful at the same time.  I think this is a movie every single person should watch at least once in their lifetime.

An important, beautiful, and timeless classic.


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