Blockbusters, Hits, and Flops- Box Office Look January-April 2015

The mainstream American movie industry is in service to the almighty dollar like most things today. While good movies can make a lot of money, so can average and even bad movies make money if they install the right elements or pick a clever release date. I will be discussing the biggest hits and flops While I am discussing the biggest hits and flops of 2015, that doesn’t mean every single movie is a masterpiece.

Taken 3

Budget- 48 Million

USA: 89.2 Million

Worldwide: 325.7 Million

Liam Neeson is a respected actor, but his recent run of movies has been generic and yet quite profitable. Neeson as of this time has no official Taken 4 plans through 2016, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a fourth one is made. Still, I feel a Taken trilogy is more than enough. Let’s move on to bigger and better things.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Budget: 81 Million

USA: 128.1 Million

Worldwide: 403.7 Million

There looks like there will be a Kingsman 2. So far very little else has been confirmed. It was very successful movie, but still remains as one of my biggest disappointments of 2015.


Budget: 55 Million

USA: 76.1 Million

Worldwide: 259.4 Million

Paddington turned out to be successful in the United States, but it was far more well received elsewhere in the world. Still, the profits were good. Expect a second one coming down the pipes for something like 2017/2018.

Spongebob Squarepants: Sponge Out of Water

Budget: 74 Million

USA: 162.9 Million

Worldwide: 311.5 Million

The movie was successful, but it was mostly because there was little to no competition after Paddington. Will there be a third film? I sure hope not. I’ve been tired of this little yellow sponge since day one and I’m a guy who enjoys his animated movies and television.

The Wedding Ringer

Budget: 23 Million

USA: 64.4 Million

Worldwide: 79.7 Million

The rest of the world didn’t seem to understand this movie, but the USA sure liked it. The Wedding Ringer was a surprise hit of January. Then again, there are benefits to putting a decent comedy movie out in the middle of winter with little to no real competition like it. This movie proved that an average comedy can survive in the cold of winter.


Budget- 95 Million

USA: 199.2 Million

Worldwide: 532.6 Million

Disney has once again proven that it can make a really good live-action film based on one of their classic Disney princesses. Expect more from Disney including The Jungle Book, Pan, a sequel to Maleficent, and Beauty and the Beast to name a few. So far, I see no reason why this can’t be a major series of successful films for Disney.

Run All Night

Budget- 50 Million

USA: 26.4 Million

Worldwide: 66.9 Million

A perfect case scenario that shows why studios are so eager for franchise films over something original. Run All Night features Liam Neeson being very much like his character Bryan Mills from the Taken series. While the film did get its money back, it didn’t do nearly as well as Taken 3.

Taken 3 holds a 6.1 on IMDB while Run All Night sports a 6.7. How does an overall better film make considerably less money? Some of it is the rating system. Taken 3 is PG-13 which means it is more accessible to key demographics 13-18 year olds. Run All Night is rated R. This likely hurt the overall sales of the film. However, a big reason Taken 3 did much better financially over Run All Night is because people knew what to expect in Taken 3 because of previous films. Critics and others like myself may bash franchises, but follow the money. Unfortunately, they are safer bets than original ideas.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Budget: 40 Million

USA: 166.1 Million

Worldwide: 569.6 Million

Despite being widely panned, the film did incredibly well for itself. It came out at the perfect time around Valentines day. There was little to no competition and a lot of die hard fans would drag their partners (many likely kicking and screaming) to this film. What is more horrific is that there are two more of these films coming February 10th, 2017, and Fifty Shades Freed on February 9th, 2018.


Budget: 49 Million

USA: 31.5 Million

Worldwide- 102 Million

Chappie was hardly the film people hoped for. It was ambitious, but failed to win over audiences. Fortunately, it was a relatively inexpensive movie to produce. It may have cracked 100 million, but don’t expect a sequel.


Budget: 110 Million

USA:129.6 Million

Worldwide: 275.8 Million

While not quite the success of the 288.7 Million that Divergent made, Insurgent proved that the series can still make significant profit. Woodley has already been tagged for the third and fourth films Allegiant Part One being released on March 18th, 2016 and Allegiant: Part Two on March 24th, 2017.

Get Hard

Budget: 40 Million

USA: 90.1 Million

Worldwide: 105.8 Million

The rest of the world didn’t seem to fall in love with Get Hard, but the United States sure did. Get Hard used the star power of Kevin Hart mixing with Will Ferrell. It was effective, people went to see these two work together.


Budget: 135 Million

USA: 173.3 Million

Worldwide: 366.3 Million

The struggling Dreamworks Animation company needed a big hit and this was it. Home proved to be light-hearted, colorful, and perfect for children. The first film did so well and Dreamworks is in desperate need for another franchise now that Shrek.

Woman in Gold

Budget: 11 Million

USA: 32.2 Million

Worldwide: 44.4 Million

Any drama that makes four times its budget back should be considered a success. Good for this historical drama. May more come from this success. (As long as they aren’t called Woman in Gold 2.)

The Longest Ride

Budget: 34 Million

USA: 37.3 Million

Worldwide: 59.8 Million

I feel like this Nicholas Sparks movie was a bit of a let down compared to The Notebook which grossed 115.6 million worldwide. Then again, this film seemed to have some thought-provoking truths rather than just mindless fantasy romance. Truth can be a terrible thing in a movie.

Furious Seven

Budget: 190 Million

USA: 350.8 Million

Worldwide: 1.5 Billion dollars

This megahit had everything. Lots of action and special effects, a star-studded cast, the passing of an incredibly well liked actor, and an exciting villain. With a billion dollars in profit, there has to be another and Vin Diesel has already signed on for Fast and Furious 8 for April 14th, 2017. Does it have the ability to make a billion dollars again? Perhaps, but I feel not having Paul Walker will hurt the franchise in the end.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

Budget: 30 Million

USA: 68.8 Million

Worldwide: 101.9 Million

I hope everyone who watched this awful movie are happy with themselves.It did well enough that we probably are getting a third one. Oh my goodness, a Paul Blart trilogy. Thankfully, as of right now there is no plans to make one, but I wouldn’t be surprised come 2018 to see one.



Budget: 70 Million

USA: 7.8 Million

Worldwide: 17.7 Million

I think it is safe to say that Blackhat 2 will never be a thing. Also, it would seem best for Chris Hemsworth to stick to Thor and other more Dramatic roles. I would totally watch Hemsworth in Macbeth or The Tempest. Put Kenneth Branagh in charge and let’s do it!

Jupiter Ascending

Budget: 176 Million

USA: 47.3 Million

Worldwide: 181.8 Million

It seems America was clever enough to stay away from this film, but somehow it made back its budget if only barely. There’s the chance that this was the last big budget chance for the Wachowski’s.

Seventh Son

Budget: 95 Million

USA: 17.2 Million

Worldwide: 110.6 Million

Another flop in America, but it did far better worldwide. Still, this film was so delayed and problematic, for it to barely collect its budget is a failure.

The Gunman

Budget: 40 Million

USA: 10.6 Million

You would think a film starring Sean Penn, Javier Bardem, and Idris Elba would have more star power to gain some love from critics and audiences, but this was not so. The script was choppy and the story just boring. (I saw Monuments Men (2014), a good cast alone doesn’t make an interesting movie.)


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