Television Post: A Bit About The Simpsons.

I’ve been a fan of The Simpsons since their creation in 1989. It’s part of my childhood, my awkward teenage years, and my young adult life. Admittedly, the show has certainly lost some of its charm in the last decade and a half, but I still tune in to watch. There are rumors and stories brewing about next season. One that Sideshow Bob finally kills Bart Simpson in a Halloween Episode. That isn’t that shocking. After all this time, Bart’s luck and knack for getting away eventually must come to an end. Also, it’s a Halloween episode which we all know has no implications on the real series anyways.

The more disturbing news is that Marge and Homer may be splitting up.  This could be a brilliant thing for the show or the worst thing ever. I decided to post my tiny rant below about that.

I can see a point where Marge and Homer finally get divorced after something really horrible happens.  However, I’d like to see them carry that story through much of the season, let them have their highs and lows. Keep people guessing on where they will wind up, but eventually they come back together.  That would be awesome, adding some serious and realistic drama into the fabled animated comedy.

I know there was an episode where Homer and Marge were already divorced. It was one of those awful into the future episodes. Homer was living in his underwater home he always wanted despite the many design flaws.  Again, i treated that episode much like a Halloween episode where it has little to no relevance. Besides the show has messed up plenty of its chronology already. It was just another brick in the wall.

  Should Marge and Homer not get back together, that would cancel the show for me personally.  Because I’ve always considered one of the best things about ‘The Simpsons’ has been Marge and Homer’s love for one another. No matter how badly he screws up, no matter who or what they come against, they always found that their love was stronger than all of  the adversity they came across. They have this beautiful story filled with pitfalls and soaring heights. “The Simpsons’ had a great run, the show needs to concoct its ending, but trying to get “edgy” in what is likely its final years is not needed. 

What are your thoughts on the thought of Homer and Marge getting divorced?  Do you think my idea would work for you or would you like to see something else happen?


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