Movie Review- Spy

I do my best to limit spoilers. There may be a few small things I mention, but I won’t blow the movie for you.

Also, be forewarned for those sensitive to any foul language. This review contains just a little bit of that. So I give it a hard PG-13 warning.


Genre:Comedy, Action, Crime

Director: Paul Feig

Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, Jude Law, Rose Byrne

Question I asked before going into this film: Can Melissa McCarthy make another good comedy, or has she worn out her welcome?

I will admit I was excited to see Spy, but also a bit nervous. The last couple movies starring McCarthy (Identity Thief, Tammy) have been more or less duds. Worse still, she always plays the same character with the same style of comedy; foul-mouthed, hefty, and tough, but nothing more beneath the surface.

This movie showed me that McCarthy has more range than previously thought. Once again, Director Paul Feig is able to use McCarthy’s natural talents to their best ability like he did in Bridesmaids (2011), and The Heat (2013).  The film also showed me a new side of Statham that I had never seen before, but I loved it.

What I didn’t Like.

They built the movie up to be Jason Statham vs Melissa McCarthy. While that element is certainly present, it isn’t as prevalent as I kind of hoped.  When the duo did meet up, it was largely a one-sided tirade of unpleasantness. It was funny often, but I felt with these two great talents, there could have been so much more!

While not gory, there were a few graphic scenes that weren’t pleasant. Understandably, they were going for a more hardcore spy film with plenty of comedy. They made that known several times in detail, but quickly lightened the mood with comedy. I will say it was kind of dark at times. I like that they took things a bit more serious than your average comedy. This wasn’t one of those movies where it’s a fish out of water element and goofy things happen.  It’s more a fish out of water element….and wow, that was some fucked up shit right there. Things that you’d expect to happen in a Bond film, happen in this movie and I enjoyed that.

What I did like.

First off, the opening reminds me of most Bond films I’ve watched. A clear homage to that franchise and I loved it.

The movie had some great action scenes and they mixed it very well with humor.  It was good to see Statham playing an unfamiliar role, almost mocking the majority of his work elsewhere.  McCarthy isn’t playing the same character she always plays, she is more timid. Her character does develop as the movie goes on and I really liked that.  I love when an actor can show growth throughout a movie. Watch the evolution of the character in progress.

Rose Byrne plays perhaps the biggest bitch in modern cinema known as Rayna Boyanov. She is mean-spirited and overall vicious from start to finish.

Finally, while most comedies run low on jokes in the third act, this movie remains strong. It is my early pick for my Comedy of the Year Award.

In the end, Spy proved be a stunning success. McCarthy played a different character with potential to grow. Jason Statham plays a unique role as well. Byrne and Law were also excellent and to top it off there are a couple great cameo’s near the end. .

Once again, Director Paul Feig has proven he has a direct line to my funny bone. If you can handle the bit of violence in this movie, then you are in for a fun ride from start to finish.

If anyone can make the reboot of Ghostbusters coming in 2016 a success, I think Feig is the guy. He has shown time and time again that he brings out the best that McCarthy and others has to offer in a comedy role.


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