Was it a Good Year in Movies? (1990)

Was the year 1990 a good year in film history or did suck?

If you want a detailed analysis of every movie of that year. Go to IMDB or elsewhere for that.  For me, I’m going to talk about only the movies I’ve seen from that year throughout my life.

Ultimately, it’s your taste in movies which will decide whether or not a movie year was good. So, this is more a matter of opinion.

I believe the 1990’s in general to be a wasteland for movies. Yes, there were certainly some great movies, but a great many bad movies as well. I’d even say for every good film, there were about five bad ones.

I decided to go through the top 150 films of every year and place films in a category they fit according to my taste. Keep in mind you have a different taste, but I hope some of you will be similar.

Since this is my taste. I will eliminate movies that don’t interest me.  I won’t call them bad because sometimes they are well made movies, but just not my cup of tea.

Movies I respect, but didn’t make the cut. (1 Point)(2 Points if I think it a real masterpiece.)

Goodfellas– Not a Crime film buff by any means. Very well directed and well acted. A brilliant cast of talented actors. (2)

Dances With Wolves– Much too long and slow for my taste. Well made, you better believe it.  A masterpiece?  I’m going to go with not quite.

Ghost– Not a huge Romance movie guy. This movie just bored me. Overly sentimental.

Total Recall- Reminds me too much of Westworld/Futureworld. Not as original as I’d hope and The movie did not age well at all.

Miller’s Crossing– Crime Films- not my thing in general. Is it bad, no.

King of New York– I love Christopher Walken, he has great moments in this film, but the overall concept doesn’t interest me.

Rosencrantz and Guilderstern Are Dead– This may have been the most irritating good movie of 1990 for me. I don’t care. I want to care, but nope!


Ambitious and talented Films I wish I liked More. (1 Point)

Awakenings- It is very well acted. An ambitious film that fills you with some hope, but also crushes your very spirit at times

Jacob’s Ladder– A very creepy horror movie. Complete with a heartbreaking real situation and horrific surrealism.

La Femme Nikita–  You know that Black Widow movie so many people want?  Maybe watch this instead of getting that?

Pump Up the Volume– I like the concept about youth of America inspiring change and even some controversy, but the movie couldn’t hold my interest.

Because all these movies above have a generally positive consensus, I’ll give them each a point.

12-0 Good Movies With the Lead

I love this movie! I own it, I want to own it. (2 Points)
Edward Scissorhands– Back when Tim Burton was superb as a rule, not the exception.

Tremors– It stars Kevin Bacon, the coolest gun enthusiast ever, and giant underground monsters. So much to love!

My favorite films get an additional point


I Enjoy the Movie (1 Point)

Hunt for Red October– It’s a fun movie. Probably the best submarine movie I’ve watched in some time.

Dick Tracy– It’s strange and has a unique style that is ahead of its time. It could never live up to the greatness of Burton’s Batman movies, but with Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, and Warren Beatty. The cast was solid and the villains enjoyable.

Back to the Future 3– Fun sci-fi adventure film. Good cast, solid directing. Among the better third act in a trilogy.

Misery– A dark film inspired by the Stephen King novel. Stars Kathy Bates and James Caan are awesome in this film.

Darkman– Not your average hero movie. It is certainly different and thought-provoking at times. I really like Liam Neeson in this role.

Presumed Innocent- A courtroom drama starring Raul Julia (RIP), and Harrison Ford. I love courtroom drama’s and the ending of this film is quite awesome. 


Alright to watch alone, but better watching with a group (1 Point)

Home Alone– There comes a time these antics make you cringe rather than laugh. (Ah, maturity.)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles– If you loved it as a kid then you can still love it today. Still, nothing beats watching it with a group of people who loved it as a kid as well.

Pretty Woman– A nice story with good acting by Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. I consider this a really good date movie. It generally pleases everyone.

Predator 2– A major step from the original, but still fun if you are watching it with a group of friends.

The Witches– I don’t hate this movie, but I’d have to enjoy your company an awful lot to re-watch it.

Night of the Living Dead– No, it isn’t the classic. It is a different take on Zombies. It has some interesting elements, but loses some of its artistic merit.  Not great, but not terrible either.

The Rescuers Down Under– For those of you who grew up/born in the 1980’s, this film is a decent piece of nostalgia. I wouldn’t include it as part of Disney’s golden age, but it just makes the cut.

In total I give the good movies of 1990 a score of 29.


As for my personal favorites, the score is 17-0 in favor of good movies.

Has its moments, but as a whole I don’t care for it. (Zero Points)

Die Hard 2– I loved the original. Thought this sequel was not only not needed, but it was campy and unnecessarily overly violent. I did like Samuel L. Jackson in it however.

Kindergarten Cop– The first half of the movie is fun. Haha he is a weightlifter and action star and now he is pretending to be a schoolteacher. It’s funny…and then it stops being funny and starts getting boring.

Postcards from the Edge- Meryl Streep has great power, but she can only do so much.

Gremlins 2: A New Batch- It’s sheer madness. Just a mass of insanity and pop culture references mixed with more insanity.

Men At Work- I like the first half of the film, but it stalls about halfway through and becomes a snooze.

Young Guns 2- The first one was alright, but I didn’t think it was good enough to merit seconds. 

Arachnophobia- Do you like spiders? Because I sure don’t. This movie didn’t help matters. A few neat elements about it I enjoy, but overall. The less spiders I see in general, the happier I am in life.

Flatliners- It has a great cast featuring Kevin Bacon, Keifer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, and Oliver Platt, but it is directed by Joel Schumacher. If he can destroy Batman, then you know he is capable of many bad things in a movie and I just didn’t care for this one overall. 

Joe Versus the Volcano– I like Tom Hanks and Lloyd Bridges, but they couldn’t save this movie from being boring, cliched, and overall terrible.

Good movies still up.



I Loathe This Movie! (It’s a bad film) (-1 Points)

The Freshman-Marlon Brando is the only bright side of this film for me and not nearly enough for me to like it.

Mermaids– Something about the early 1990s and mermaid films. None of them I thought were any good.

Wild at Heart- Sorry Mr. Cage, I found nothing enjoyable about this film.

Lord of the Flies– The novel by William Golding is great. The film version is creepy and not in the good way.

The Godfather Part 3– The first films were so good I can’t help, but respect them. This was NOT.

Days of Thunder – Think Top Gun on wheels….just not nearly as fun.

The Rookie– Charlie Sheen and Clint Eastwood team up. Sounds like a great comedy duo and yet it wasn;t, At all.

Robocop 2– A sequel that falls way short of the original.

Rocky V– I was barely holding on with Rocky IV, this one lost me completely.

Ernest Goes to Jail– Who above the age of eight finds this funny? Certainly not me.

Graveyard Shift– Stephen King movies- some of them are really good, but other are downright atrocious.

Another 48 Hrs.- The first one was good, the second one was a needless sequel.

Ghost Dad– Neat idea, terrible execution of idea. Also, added creep factor nowadays because of Bill Cosby.

The Hot Spot– Not everything Dennis Hopper made was great. Prime example right here.

Cadillac Man– Robin Williams did great in Dead Poets Society (1989) and Good Morning Vietnam (1987). Now see him be horrible miscast.

The Bonfire of the Vanities– Another Tom Hanks movie which also has Bruce Willis and it is awful.

I Love You To Death– It’s not as terrible as some of the others mentioned, but still not funny and boring.

29-17 The Bad Films are catching up!

Worst Movies Ever Sounds Right (2 Points)- 16

The Exorcist 3– I respect the first one. So well made. A horror classic…this movie is just a horror.

The Neverending Story 2– Again, I love the original, but loathe this sequel with a passion (2).

Troll 2– One of the worst movies ever made. Even if Harry Potter was in it, it couldn’t be saved. (I don’t mean Harry Potter from the J.K. Rowling books, but the original character from Troll.)

House Party– This movie has a few laughs, but in general, I wish I could forget I watched it.

Look Who’s Talking Too– Why is this movie? The original wasn’t great, but this is so much worse.

Three Men and a Little Lady– Three Men and a Baby may not have been a classic, but it was better than this. Much better.

Air America– Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr. team up in this movie. I love their chemistry., but that’s it in this film.

Child’s Play 2– Creepy idea for the original is now tired by the time this film comes out.

As for my experience with the year 1990. By a score of 33-29 and a personal view of 17-33, I claim that 1990 was a terrible year in film history overall. Most notably awful because of its many bad sequels.



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