The 1990’s The Lost Decade?

The 1990’s was the worst decade in film history. A time where remakes and sequels became trendy. (started in the 1980’s, but really got going here) A time where poor casting, bad special effects, horrible scripts, directors, and actors ran rampant over the industry.

The 1990’s was a decade of great separation where great directors made great films and then numerous newer directors would make horrible films.

It was a time of great change in movies and often not for the best.  Despite all the negatives about the 1990’s. That’s not to say there weren’t iconic films coming out every year.  Just fewer than ever before.

To define the feel of the 1990’s I say to combine the maddening energy and randomness of Gremlins 2 (1990) and combine it with the grungy and morbid philosophy within Fight Club (1999)


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