Superheroes Movie Post Part Two- Batman (1989)

Starting to talk about 1989 so here is Batman.

The Movie Guy and Friends

Batman (1989)- When Superman started to fade in popularity (because of really bad sequels), they brought in the eccentric director that is (was?) Tim Burton to bring Batman to life on the big screen. Batman was a dark figure in the comic books, but the television show starring Adam West was campy (and that’s me being really nice).  Someone had to take Batman seriously, but still know that it can be fun too.  Tim Burton was perfect for this.  For starters, Burton convinced people that Michael Keaton could play a decent Batman. (A fine choice. Not the best, but good enough) Then they got Jack Nicholson to play his arch-nemesis, the Joker.  Add the beautiful Kim Basinger to play Vicki Vale and put them all together and you have one heck of a movie.

Batman was very different because he had no powers (aside from being very intelligent and super…

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