The Rewind (1980’s) The Brave Little Toaster

Minor Spoilers Below

The Brave Little Toaster (1987)

Genre: Animated/Adventure/Family

Starring the voices of: Jon Lovitz, Phil Hartman,

The Brave Little Toaster is an animated movie about a toaster and his appliance friends who get abandoned by their owners. After some time, they decide to go on an adventure to find their owner who clearly forgot about them. (Totally Toy Story for the 1980s.)

If you grew up with this movie, then you probably love it. If you watched Toy Story (1995) first, then you probably prefer the Pixar version.  The Brave Little Toaster is a perfect example of a 1980’s animated movie (That and All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989).). It is exceptionally darker than Toy Story ever was (except for maybe the end of Toy Story 3). If the kid gets scared of certain scenes, sad songs filled with carnage, or the brutally honest and insane air conditioner, they can just deal with it.  (Ah, the 1980’s, where Just Deal With it was a parenting style.)

In the end, this movie is great. I grew up in the 1980’s and therefore keep this one close. It’s darker than most animated films, but still quite good.


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