Planes Trains and Automobiles

The Movie Guy and Friends

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is the American Thanksgiving movie classic from 1987 starring John Candy, Steve Martin, Also, it has one of the best cameos ever with Kevin Bacon. A contemporary pointed out that if this is the best (really only good) Thanksgiving movie, then there needs to be more. I am fully in agreement with this sentiment, although any holiday movie is tough.

I love this movie, it always makes me laugh and I watch it around Thanksgiving ever year.  John Candy is this somewhat lovable, somewhat annoying, but overall decent guy who crosses path with this grumpy, self-centered, business man played by Steve Martin. Thanks to several mishaps these two have to reach the same destination. Further comedy and misfortune ensues.

I really enjoy this movie and I hope you do too.

What is your favorite thing to watch around Thanksgiving?

Wishing all of my followers and readers…

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