Predator (1980s) The Rewind

Light spoiler warning

Predator (1987)

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Starring: Arnold Schwartzenegger, Carl Weathers, Jesse Ventura, Shane Black (Director of Iron Man 3 and new Predator reboot.)

Predator is about a fearless and talented group of commandos sent on a rescue mission of American soldiers in Central America. Only to discover something much more powerful and deadly lurks in the jungles, a predator like no other and now it has them in its crosshairs.

It may seem laughable now, but Arnold has been in some great movies. There was the Terminator (1984) and Twins in (I’m kidding, don’t worry). However, Predator is an excellent movie. The visual effects are advanced for its time and even today aren’t terrible (I’ve seen SyFy Original movies with MUCH worse graphics.)  Arnold and his testosterone injected group of warriors have good chemistry together. They have a lot of muscles and brute force, but need to find a means to outwit this creature. The ending is quite incredible with some of the best one liners that will ever be uttered in film history.

Overall, Predator is among the best films the 1980’s had to offer and among the better sci-fi/horror films of all time.

As for making a reboot/remake or whatever else they want to call. I don’t think it is necessary. The effects are still pretty solid, the cast works, and the film is by no means awful. I see very little reason that a remake needs to be made other than the fact Hollywood has little to no creativity.


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