Rewind (1980s) Pee Wee’s Big Adventure


Pee Wee’s Big Adventure  (1985)

Director: Tim Burton

Writers: Phil Hartman

Genre: Comedy, Adventure. Family

About an eccentric man-child who find out his beloved bike has been stolen. In order to discover who stole his bike, he sets off on an adventure through America in search of it in what would be the greatest journey of his life.

This film works when it shouldn’t. You could create 50 movies about a weird guy’s bike going missing and half of them would be just awful. (Though, can’t you say that about most stories?) Pee Wee Herman is annoying and creepy looking, but he has a good heart.  He has a bunch of unique gadgets and eccentric friends in his hometown.

He comes across and wild assortment of new colorful characters on his trip. My favorite has to be Large Marge. Who doesn’t enjoy saying “Tell ’em Large Marge sent ya.”

Directed by Tim Burton (back when he was a superior director to most) and written by among others Phil Hartman (RIP Phi!).  The movie is funny and has some classic movie moments I will never forget.  Whether you are a kid today or simply a kid at heart, chances are you can watch this movie and enjoy it just the same.

That chase at the end is the stuff legends are made of.


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