New Releases for 4/24/2015

Not the strongest of opening weekends, but certainly better than last week.

The Age of Adeline

Genre- Drama, Romance

Starring: Harrison Ford

Do you like a good romantic film? (Neither do I.) I’m kidding of course. This is a very interesting romance film about a woman who due to an accident can no longer age.  After years of living a very solitary life, she meets a man whom she could possibly love forever.  So, it certainly has the fantasy aspect going and the romantic side. I would say this may be among the best romance films of the year.  Harrison Ford is in it, while he may not always be gold, he generally gives a solid performance.

IMDB 7.5 of 849 Ratings

RT.Com 54%  5.5/10

Adult Beginners

Comedy, Drama

Nick Kroll, Rose Byrne

A film about a burnt out entrepreneur who becomes a Manny (male nanny) and realizes he much adapt to the changes in his life and grow up. Reports are this movie isn’t terrible as it could be, but it lacks that spark of originality and that is what does it in.  .

IMDB 5.3 of 239 Ratings 42% 5.7/10

The Water Diviner

Genre: Drama, War

Starring: Russell Crowe

A father (Crowe) travels from Australia to Turkey in search of his three missing sons after the Battle of Gallipoli

IMDB- 7.4 of 23,059 ratings

Little Boy

Genre: Comedy, Drama, War,

Starring: Kevin James, Tom Wilkinson

The movie has Kevin James in it. That should be your warning right there. The film is about an eight-year-old boy who will do whatever it takes to end World War 2 and bring his father home safely. Revealing that the father-son bond can be among the most magical things to ever exist.

IMDB: Unknown (usually a very bad sign)

RT.Com- 8%  and 4/10

Also, I mentioned Ex-Machina here

This movie still holds an 8.0 rating of 10,341 ratings. It is getting a much wider release this weekend. If you are interested in that, then check it out.


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