The Rewind (1980s) Blade Runner

Figured to reblog this since I thought it such a fine film.

The Movie Guy and Friends

Blade Runner (1982)

Genre- Science Fiction, Thriller

Director- Ridley Scott

Starring- Harrison Ford, Sean Young, Edward James Olmos

The movie is about a blade runner Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) who is tracking down four replicants who stole a ship and are seeking their creator. This blade runner’s mission is to find and destroy them.

This movie is incredible. There are movies that are fun and fluffy without any substance to them. There are really heavy films with nothing but profound meaning to them. There are others films that transcend the times in regards to production and overall quality, films that soar above the rest. This is one of this films, the look and feel of this movie is well beyond its years. In fact, I see movies today that don’t have nearly the same quality as this one does three decades earlier. Ridley Scott and his production crew go all…

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