Rewind (1980’s) Gremlins

Some light spoilers below. You’ve been warned.

Gremlins  (1984)

Genre- Comedy/Horror

Featuring: Corey Feldman and Harry Carey Jr.

Ah, Gremlins, I believe this was the movie that finally inspired the first PG-13 rating. People thought that the movie was too violent for a PG ratings and I agree.

Gremlins is about these mysterious and cute little creatures. As long as you are incredibly responsible and very detail oriented, they will remain largely docile and cute (Though there are a few exceptionally bad eggs in this case.). You can not expose them to bright lights, especially sunlight, never let them touch water, and most of all never feed them after midnight.  Breaking these rules will have dire consequences, none worse than breaking the post-midnight feeding. The cute mogwais will mutate into nasty looking gremlins and their temperament will turn from mischievous to violent.

This movie is a lot of fun to watch even today. Though, I’ll admit I liked this film more as a teen than as an adult. Still, you get introduced to Gizmo, the most awesome mogwai to ever exist.  He is by far the most docile and cute of all the mogwais. The movie has some laughs and is quite creepy.

For some, Gremlins is a classic, and I won’t argue that. The movie has humor and it is unsettling. Very fitting of comedy-horror of the 1980’s and perhaps the entire genre.


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