Rewind (1980’s) The Neverending Story




There are some mild spoilers in this post. You’ve been warned!

The Neverending Story (1984)

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure, Drama, Family

About a troubled boy (Bastian) who is being bullied by the “popular” boys in school. He escapes his many troubles as he dives in this wondrous fantasy within a mysterious book. The book and him share a bond like nothing else and more and more the character realizes his connection to the protagonist as the movie rolls onward.

I feel like this is one of those 1980’s movies that if you grew up with it, you love it with all your heart.  If you didn’t, then you consider it really strange and may not be able to embrace it.

This movie has some iconic fantasy figures like the young hero Atreyu, and the white luck dragon Falkor which in the movie resembles a massive flying dog.  (Who is totally awesome!) Together they look to escape from The Nothing.

I always looked at the Nothing as the destruction of a child’s imagination by the world and the process of growing up. Many lose that sense of wonder and imagination.

As a writer, I value imagination more than most things in life. It is the key to creation of a beautiful story and memorable characters.  I loved this movie as a kid, but I appreciate even more as an adult who writes for a living (or at least tries to).

I will say I’ve read the novel and thoroughly enjoyed it. I strongly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy story. Be warned that the film and book are drastically different, but as I mentioned, both can be beloved in their respected areas.

Found the original theatrical trailer. Check that out!


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