Rewind (1980’s) Star Wars VI Return of the Jedi

Star Wars VI Return of the Jedi (1983)

Genre- Action/Adventure/Fantasy

Starring- Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher

This is the final movie in the original trilogy and while some would argue it is the worst of the three, it certainly is among the best third movies I’ve ever seen.

Hard to be spoiler free here, but going to try. Keep in mind that if you haven’t seen these movies and want to. Stop reading right now and go watch them. Someone you know likely has the series so ask to watch them and enjoy.

The movie starts off with a rescue attempt of Han Solo. Then it goes from there to trying to stop the completion of a second death star. There is also effort to save Darth Vader and return him tot the side of the good, and equal effort to turn Luke Skywalker evil.

Once again, this movie was incredibly well done. The battle scenes, the stories, the creation of whole other worlds. The musical score is sensational. Everything about this movie works for me.  Now I know some people get bent about the Ewoks and my personal view is that if you have a problem Ewoks, then you have a problem with me. (It’s okay, we can work this out.)

I love all the Star War films  (Because there have only been three. Yeah, I said THREE!) This isn’t my favorite, but I wouldn’t have any issue watching it either. Very good films with a lot of talented people on and off the screen. I respect this film and eagerly await the newest one in hopes that it can capture the magic of the these original films (and not the despair of those other three “Star War” films).

What is your favorite Star Wars film?  .


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