New Releases for 4/10/15

New Releases for 4/10/15
After the release of Furious Seven which promptly ruled the box-office. This weekend features a very limited selection. While Were Young starring is getting a broader release. Should be interesting to see how that plays out.
Drama/Science Fiction

Another interesting Science Fiction movie that is having a much better reception compared to Chappie (2015).  About the creation and evolution of artificial intelligence. It breaks down the dangers and overall possibilities both good and bad about this intelligence in a very interesting way.  If you like good sci-fi, then I strongly suggest finding this movie and enjoying.

IMDB- 8.0 of 7,564 ratings

RT.Com- 90% and 7.9/10
The Longest Ride

Do you want the romantic movie equivalent to Furious Seven? Well then I have good news for you, Nicholas Sparks has a new movie coming out.  About a young couples romance which happens to intertwine with the story of an older couple and lost love. It’s all the sappy wishy-washy romance you can cram into one movie.

If you are a hardcore fan of Nicholas Sparks or romantic films, then you will likely enjoy this film. Otherwise stay far away from this.

IMDB- 6.6 of 315 ratings. 35% and 4.4/10

So, I expect Furious Seven to rule once more this weekend.


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