Rewind (1980s) Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back

The Rewind

Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back(1980)

Genre- Science Fiction, Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Writer- George Lucas

Starring- Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Voice of James Earl Jones, Billy Dee Williams, Frank Oz, Alec Guiness

This is among my favorite movies of all time. I consider this movie to be the best of the Star Wars franchise and among the best movies ever made.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. After the events of the first film, the Empire is after revenge and are attempting to squash the rebels once and for all.  Darth Vader pursues part of the group of heroes through the galaxy.   Meanwhile Luke Skywalker gets advanced Jedi training from Master Yoda


This film is incredible in so many ways.  The character development of Luke Skywalker, the depth they cover Darth Vader.   The special effects are wonderful and the story timeless.  To me, this is the gold standard for any space adventure movie. (Sorry, Guardians of the Galaxy, you got very little against this one.) This movie is beautiful in nearly every aspect imaginable. The lively characters, detailed worlds, the battle choreography, music, writing, story, characters, and anything else you could think of.  One of my top ten favorite films of all time.

What is your favorite Star Wars film?


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