March Leftovers (Part three)


Final notes on February

Spongebob Squarepants: Sponge out of Water

IMDB 6.5 of 10,588 ratings.

Budget-74 Million

Box-Office- Domestic- 160 Million Domestic

287.9 Million Worldwide

This movie proved to us one thing. Kids can bring in some major money for a company and furthermore (unfortunately), that franchises work in regards to profit.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Budget-81 Millions

Box-Office 119 Millions Domestic

327.7 Million Worldwide

IMDB- 8.2 of 97,901 ratings

RT.Com 74% and a 6.6/10 with 87% enjoying the film.

One of the few times I side more with Rotten Tomatoes over IMDB. However, the movie had some talented actors in it and the film made a tremendous amount of money for a February Release.


Budget 50.1 Millions

Box-Office 51.9 Million Domestic

134 Million Worldwide

IMDB 6.7 of 30,542 ratings

Will Smith may not been on top of his game for this one, but it was easily better than After Earth (2013). Here’s hoping he continues to rebound.


Budget 8.5 Million

Box-Office 32.8 Million

IMDB 7.0 of 6,509 ratings

McFarland, USA

IMDB 7.8 of 2,487 Ratings

Budget- Unknown

Box-Office- 40.5 Million

It seemed really predictable, but from everything I’ve heard people still enjoyed it thoroughly.

Shaun The Sheep Movie

IMDB 7.6 of 2,098 ratings

Strong reviews, but limited release. If you can find it and like that sort of animation. I’d go with it.


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