The Warriors -Rewind Movies of the 1970’s

The Warriors (1979)


One of my favorite films from the 1970’s.  It starts with a leader stands up and says that a united effort of all the New York City gangs can bring the city to its knees and under their influence and overall control.  This leader is killed suddenly and the blame is put onto the group known as The Warriors. Now they must fight rival gangs, the police and anyone else in their way to get home safely and clear their name.

The movie is pretty gritty. While the choreographed fight scenes have been much improved since the making of this film, considering the time period, they were quite good. I’m not sure that you can completely root for The Warriors, but considering they were being wrongfully accused of a heinous crime. I find it a little bit easier to route for them.

The movie has this unique style to it that I really enjoyed. The variety of the gangs they face and the woman with a smooth voice instigating more trouble for The Warriors. I also feel it showcases for better or worse the state of New York City in the 1970’s. There were a lot of different gangs and the city wasn’t exactly pretty and clean as it is now. It was a dark and dangerous place, that also consisted of culture and excitement.

I think The Warriors is a very good film at the end of a great decade. Some of its scenes have become iconic in American culture. I’ve seen strong references on shows like American Dad and Cartoon Network’s Regular Show


One thought on “The Warriors -Rewind Movies of the 1970’s

  1. The Warriors is the definition of a cult classic and I loved it as a teenager. It’s like a snapshot of a mythological NYC and I guess that ties in with the Greek story it’s based on.

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