In honor of the 1970’s- Talking about a Sci-Fi/Horror gem.

The Movie Guy and Friends

Alien(1979) while I don’t consider this movies to be flat-out horror, I do consider the Xenomorph alien to be among the scariest looking creatures of all time.  I know many people prefer the James Cameron sequel, Aliens (1986), but I like Alien more. Now Aliens is a great film; it has a lot more action and really builds off of the first one in a successful manner.  It has iconic moments that I’ll never forget and it should be respected in film history.   However, Alien directed by Ridley Scott and starring Sigourney Weaver as the strong female lead that is Ripley. I feel this movie is more like a piece of art rather than a blockbuster. The crafting of the sets, the creation of the alien, and even its pseudo-sexual way it reproduces. It’s  different then what we had seen before this and all very well made. I love…

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