The Rewind: The 1970’s Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon (1975)


Director-Sidney Lumet

Starring-Al Pacino

This film is about a bank robber who is trying to get finances to help his lover get a much-needed operation (based on a true story).  The hostage situation slowly becomes a media circus as the details come out about his story.

I have to spoil a big part of this movie for you because it’s really hard to talk about this film and not mention it. Spoiler Warning.

Al Pacino does a great job in this Crime-Drama. He plays a homosexual who is trying to save his lover in a desperate and crazy manner.  The 1970’s were times of great struggle for all minority groups in America. There were improvements along the way, but not nearly enough. For Al Pacino to be comfortable playing such  a role speaks to his talent and openness to debate the issue. Pacino would be nominated for an Oscar in Best Actor for this role.  The movie would win an Oscar for Best Writing.

Back then, the fact that this man was gay was a huge deal. It still would be today (maybe not AS much though). Hopefully more movies like this will come out (there have been a few), and eventually the only thing that will matter is the content of a man/woman’s heart.

What is your favorite Al Pacino movie?  (Aside from The Godfather/Godfather II, that’s just cheating.)


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