New Releases for 3/13/15

New Releases of 3/13/15
Welcome to the Ides of March. It seems that last weekend was the slowest of this year despite two movies with considerable buzz being released.  The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel did quite well and has racked up over 30 Million worldwide. This weekend features one big release with big names attached.

Adventure/Drama/ Family
Director-Kenneth Branagh
Cast-Cate Blanchett, Lily James, Helen Bonham Carter, Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter), Stellan Skarsgard (Thor/Thor 2)
IMDB-7.7 of 1,729 ratings.

The film looks beautiful and appears to have every bit of fantasy and wonder you can hope for. Disney has worked hard to produce quality live-action movies that bring about the magic of their animated films, but not take away from them. Kenneth Branagh is at his best when working in the more classical and fantasy realm. The cast looks solid as well. If you like hardcore fantasy with a whisper of whimsy. (When I say whisper I really mean shout. It’s Disney afterall.) then this is your movie of the week. It looks beautiful and has a well-respected director at the helm with a solid cast and a reliable company backing it up.

Run All Night
Action /Crime/ Drama
Cast-Liam Neeson
IMDB 7.3 of 330 ratings 48% and 5.6/10

Hey look, it’s Taken 4. That didn’t take long….wait? They didn’t call it that? Sorry, my mistake, this one is just about Liam Neeson playing Jimmy Conlon. A man who shoots and kills a mob boss son in order to protect his own son. Now this mob boss wants to kill Conlon’s son in revenge for his son’s murder.  Conlon must decide which side he is on and either protect his son at all cost from the variety of criminals and assassins coming after his son, or allow them to off him and wait for his turn.  (You know what is going to happen and you know how Neeson is going to do it.) This may be different than Taken, but it also seems to be about a father trying to protect his offspring from some variety of scum and doing all he can to keep them safe.  I’m not saying this is a garbage flick, but I will say this has been done so much, it’s pointless to pay 10-15 dollars to watch it happen yet again.  If you need to get out of the house. Maybe this works, but others wise pass on this one.

Two Limited releases to mention.

It Follows (2014)


A girl gets involved with an unfortunate sexual encounter and now something evil is following here.

7.3 of 3,469 ratings

Seymour: An Introduction (2014)


Starring Ethan Hawke

Diving into the life of Seymour Bernstein who is an insightful teacher and beloved pianist, See him being interviewed and how he views the world and life.

IMDB 7.7 of 59 ratings


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