Rewind: The 1970’s Blazing Saddles

Blazing Saddles (1974)


Director- Mel Brooks

Cast- Gene Wilder, Alex Karras, Cleavon Little, Madeline Kahn, Mel Brooks

About a corrupted politician (like there is any other kind) who decides to put a black sheriff in a small western town which is thoroughly opposed to the idea. (Racial tension was very clearly a thing in the 1970’s. It is still today, but in the 70’s people were more honest about it.) However, through a series of clever and courageous actions, this Sheriff (Bart) is able to win over the town and now attempts to fight back against aforementioned corrupted political boss in order to save the small town.  This movie is incredibly funny and makes jokes that simply couldn’t be done today without a series of boycotts and whiny online rants.  Mel Brooks was in his prime with this one and he holds nothing back. It is a delightfully silly romp filled with racism both intentional and unintentional and lots of sexual and drug humor. Think of a Judd Apatow, except funnier and more concise.  (Apatow can make a good movie, but have you ever notice they drag on 30 minutes too long?)

If you are super sensitive to race, orientation, drug use, and alcoholism. I suggest you pass on this movie.  If you can have a good laugh about all that and not take it to heart, then this is a must-see movie for you.


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