Rewind: The 1970’s. The Poseidon Adventure

The Poseidon Adventure (1972)


Cast- Gene Hackman, Shelley Winters, Ernest Borgnine

This is one of my favorite films from the 1970’s.  A disaster movie that is actually quite awesome. (They used to make those.)It’s about a luxury cruise ship getting hit by a rogue wave (a real thing). The ship capsizes and the survivors must climb to the bottom of the ship to reach safety. When everything is flipped over the mundane becomes perilous.  Everyone has a role, everyone is valuable for one skill or another. They must work together to save their lives.

The reason the movie is awesome is because you care about the characters. Many of them are likable and you can’t help, but route for their survival. Gene Hackman is amazing once again in his role as Reverend Scott.  My favorite character was Nonnie played by Carol Lynley. I love this movie and it was so well done I didn’t think it needed a reboot in 2006.

What is your favorite disaster film?


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