Leftovers- February 2015. The Month That Was

Leftovers- The Best of February 2015
Notes- Rottentomatoes.com (RT.Com) is my backup source. So, not every movie will have it listed. IMDB is still my go to source for all things movies and television.

When I list directors or people in a cast. I’m mentioning the ones I find notable or noteworthy.

All this is opinion created by years of watching copious amounts of film.
Cream of the Crop
Shaun the Sheep
IMDB Rating 7.6 of 1,262 ratings
The fact that I haven’t seen this movie yet is upsetting. It was created in that Wallace and Gromit style both in animation and humor. If you like that kind of thing (and I do), then you want to watch this movie as well.
The Duff
Cast Robbie Amell (The Flash)
IMDB- 7.2 of 2,194 ratings.
This movie surprised me in how much people liked it. It only cost 8.5 Million to make and has nearly doubled that at the box-office. It’s a high school comedy about breaking apart the pecking order and clicks. I’m not ready to put this one up with Clueless (1995), Mean Girls (2004) and 10 Things I Hate About You (1999), but it seems like a decent comedy.
McFarland, USA
Cast- Kevin Costner
IMDB 7.7 of 1,157 ratings
This movie looked as predictable as could be. A movie I’ve seen hundred if not a thousand times before. However, the movie has been getting good word of mouth as well acted and inspirational. If this movie can inspire some positives in young men and woman (or anyone really) then I won’t bash it. In fact, I’ll likely rent it in the future.

The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water
IMDB rating- 6.7 of 7,553
Domestic Box-Office 131 Millions Worldwide Total 207 Million
Voice of Antonio Bandaras
I don’t understand the humor of Spongebob Squarepants. I find him annoying and I guess that’s the point. The film was among the better movies of February. (Currently it would win Best Animated movie of the year, in fact.) Therefore if you enjoy that type of humor then by all means go and have a good time.

Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)
Director- Matthew Vaughn
IMDB rating 8.3 of 57,713
RT.Com 74% and 6.7/10. 88% enjoyed the film.
Box Office 77 Million domestic, 176 Million worldwide
Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Caine, Mark Hamill
I was disappointed with this movie. I thought it wasn’t funny and about forty-five minutes too long. The acting is solid and the action works, but doesn’t inspire. That’s the risk when you hype up a film in your head. Now, a lot of people who went to see this movie happened to enjoy it. I hope you were among them.
Here are some reviews about this film that I recommend.



Cast- Will Smith
IMDB- 7.0 of 3,421 Ratings
RT.Com 56% 5.9/10 and 65% enjoyed it.

The movie was released in the final week of the month so too early to tell how well it will do. However, early reviews and feedback suggest that it is decent if a bit unfocused (heh ironic). Will Smith was clearly knocked off his pedestal after the awful that was After Earth (2013). This may not climb him back to the top, but it may lead to the road of recovery and good for him. Bottom line with this film is if you love Will Smith, then this may be your type of movie. If you want a great con or heist movie, watched Ocean’s Eleven (2001) or even Ocean’s Thirteen (2007).

What We Do in the Shadows (2014)
IMDB rating 7.6 of 18,634 ratings
RT.Com (95% and a 7.7/10 and 88% enjoyed the movie)
A movie about vampires dealing with the modern world. I like the idea because often movies are about taking the natural world and society and throwing something supernatural into it. This movie reverses that idea and it plays out marvelously. Another film I’ve yet to watch simply because it’s not playing locally. A shame.

Fresh Enough (If Only Barely)
Jupiter Ascending (FLOP)
Budget-176 Million
Box-Office Domestic-41.5 Million
Worldwide- 116.5 Million
IMDB rating 6.0 of 30,533 (That‘s people being nice 6.0 I think)
Cast- Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis, Eddie Redmayne, Sean Bean
This movie has very nice visuals. Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis do acceptable work. The story is a disaster. It could have been something special with better writers.
See review here-

Official word (skip unless you are too curious for your own good. I sure wish I skipped it.)

The Last Five Years
Cast- Anna Kendrick,
IMDB 6.4 of 1,397 ratings
A movie about the deconstruction of a love affair. Based on the musical (I didn‘t know there was a musical to be based off of so I‘m glad they said it.) There are worse movies and there are better movies. This movie is adequate.
The Voices (2014)
IMDB rating 6.5 of 4,140 ratings
Cast- Ryan Reynolds, Anna Kendrick
A strange movie with evil talking pets and a nice guy who is socially awkward with woman. Especially one that he works with. He finally gets a date with her, but then gets blown off. Things get crazy about that (cause evil talking pets is the new normal).
Buyer Beware-Not Great (not even good), but may have their moments.

IMDB- 5.5 of 7,284 ratings
(Your call)

Strange Magic
IMDB- 5.6 of 952 ratings
RT.com- 20% 3.9/10
(Your call)

Wild Card
IMDB 5.7 of 10,262 ratings
(Your Call)

You’ve Been Warned-
Films so bad they should come with a warning.
Seventh Son-(FLOP) With a 95 Million dollar budget, the movie earns its money back worldwide (currently 99.9 Million), but considering it could have been one of the better movies of early 2015, it has to be considered a disappointment and a flop.

Fifty Shades of Grey – IMDB rating 4.2 of 94,000+ reviews. A shame that a terrible movie like this would make 420 million dollars+ worldwide. A sign of our world crumbling apart or perhaps that people just like to watch soft porn when there is nothing left to do. Whoever put the release date on Valentines Day needs a raise and then a punch in the face. (Please don‘t actually punch that person in the face. Violence isn‘t the answer to stopping Fifty Shades.)

Old Fashioned
A La Mala
The Lazarus Effect
Hot Tub Time Machine 2– The trailers weren’t even funny! You couldn’t fill two minutes with any good jokes, but you decided to make a movie. SHAME!
Missed Movies of January/February (New Feature)
Starring Patrick Stewart
IMDB Rating 6.2 of 474 Reviews
Rotten Tomatoes 76% and 6.4/10
Official word- not enough reviews to know for sure, but it has Patrick Stewart so it is worth checking out.

Appropriate Behavior
IMDB 6.3 of 655 reviews
RT.Com- 96% and 7.4/10
Seems like one of those overly artistic/pretentious films. If you like your movie with some sophistication and possibly lavish on the artistic side. Check this one out.

3 Nights In The Desert
IMDB rating 8.2 of 302 ratings

Final Notes from January
Fresh- Watch in Theaters
The Wedding Ringer
Budget- 23 Million
Box-Office- 62.4 million domestic
IMDB-6.9 of 6,431 ratings
33% and 4.5/10
Official word (Rental/Netflix/Amazon)

Project Almanac
Budget-12 Million
Box-Office 21.6 Million
IMDB 6.4 of 5,174 ratings
Spare Parts
IMDB rating 7.6 of 282 ratings
54% and 5.6/10 92% liked the film

Taken 3
Budget- 48 Million
Domestic Box-Office-87.7 Million
Worldwide-285 million
IMDB rating- 6.1 of 54,000+ reviews.
(Rental/Netflix/Amazon )

Cake (2014)
IMDB- 6.5 of 7,290 ratings

Black or White (2014)
IMDB 6.4 of 1,211 Ratings


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