Rewind (Second Look) 1934 in Film History

Rewind (Second Look) The Year that Was 1934 in Movie History

It Happened One Night– Comedy/Romance. Starring Clark Gable. A comedy about a spoiled runaway teaming up with a reporter in need of a story. I can never get into this film. There is zero appeal for me. However, it won 5 Oscars and over 53,000 people rated it and gave it an 8.2 rating on IMDB. That’s a movie worth checking out for yourself. (Ever watch an Oscar-winning film and wonder how in the world it won so many Oscars? I do that often.)

The Thin Man– Comedy/Crime/Mystery- Everything about this movie suggests I would like it. It has a murder mystery, it has quick quips back and forth between two interesting characters, Nick and Nora Charles. Still, something about this movie drives me from it. I’ll come back to it one day and maybe then I’ll appreciate it. Maybe. 8.2 on IMDB with 18,000+ reviews.

Of Human Bondage– Drama/Romance. Starring Bette Davis. I can’t say Bette Davis was ever a likeable personality from all I’ve heard, but she was a wonderful actress. She would play the nasty and tough and crazy kind of woman and do it exceptionally well. If you want to see an actress near the top of her game, this is a good movie to start with. Not her finest, but still really good. A romance about a young man falling for a cantankerous waitress.

Twentieth Century– Comedy/Romance-Starring John Barrymore and Carole Lombard. Directed by Howard Hawks. Hawks almost always gets the best from his actors. This movie is about a washed up Broadway star trying to get his former lover who is now a famous Hollywood diva to return and save what was left of his career.

The Gay Divorcee – Comedy/Musical/Romance- If you like old-fashioned song and dance then this is your kind of movie. Starring Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire .Oscar Winner.

The Count of Monte Cristo– Action/Adventure/Drama – A movie about one man’s vengeance against his wrongful imprisonment. It’s a fun action flick with a powerful message.

Manhattan Melodrama– Crime/Drama/Romance.
I’m not really a Clark Gable fan. Not that the man wasn’t talented and didn’t make good movies. I’m simply saying that his movies often fail to engage me. This one included. I do think this movie about two friends on opposite sides of the law is a good story. It has interesting characters, but I’m not fond of how it was executed on-screen. Oscar Winner
Death Takes a Holiday – Romance/Fantasy- Starring Fredric March. About Death taking a holiday to see what life is like for mortals. He winds up in a short span of time finding someone who loves him unconditionally. I don’t like romantic movies because often I find them sappy and or unrealistic. This one at least accepts that from the start. It knows what it is and I give it credit.

The Scarlett Empress– Drama/History/Romance. Starring Marlene Dietrich. Essentially an origin story of Catherine the Great.

The Scarlett Pimpernel-Adventure/Drama- About a noblewoman who finds out about her husbands secret identity. Interesting movie with a solid cast.

Imitation of Life– Drama/Romance- For those of you who love a classic love story. This movie is for you. About two women falling for the same man and that the drama that ensues.


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