Rewind- The 1960’s The Producers

The Producers (1967)


Director- Mel Brooks

Starring Gene Wilder

Leave it to the legendary Mel Brooks to change my thinking about musicals.  I went from thinking I hated them to realizing I actually don’t hate them all.  The Producers is a hilarious movie filled with great songs that still make me laugh. Gene Wilder was terrific in this movie. He captured the character that was Leo Bloom perfectly. The movie is about two producers who try to create a sure flop which in turn would make them a lot of money. A musical called Springtime for Hitler

The Remake

They made a remake in 2005 starring Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, and Uma Thurman with appearances by Will Ferrell and Jon Lovitz. The movie was alright, but it never captured the magic of the original. (So often the case with modern remakes.)


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