Rewind (Second Look) Year of1930

I decided that I will continue movie forward in my Rewind series, but I also wanted to look closer as movies from previous years I may have missed.  Talk about movies I respect even if I didn’t love them.

1930 isn’t the first year of talkies or the last of silent films, but somewhere in the middle. Movies were just beginning to emerge from that first generation of filmmakers.  Two movies from this year stand out for me.

All Quiet on the Western Front (Won Two Oscars)

Genre: War

About a young soldier facing disillusionment and the destruction of his soul on the battlefields of World War One.  I don’t much care for War films, but this one is particularly powerful. It shows the horror of war and why it should be avoided as much as possible.  I have a great deal of respect for this film because of that.

Animal Crackers

Genre Comedy/Musical

If you’ve been reading my posts since the very start then you already know I’m a big Marx Brothers fan. I love Groucho Marx on and off-screen for his personality, life story, and especially his brand of humor. I can’t say the musical numbers wowed me in any Marx Brothers film, but the humor always won me over. This movie is of my favorite films by the trio. It’s about a the craziness that ensues after a priceless painting goes missing during a party. Simple, but effective.


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