Hitchcock of the 1960’s. For the Hitchcock Lovers

For the Hitchcock Lovers

Again, I’m not a huge Hitchcock movie fan, even though I have a ton of respect for the man. Check out link below for more on his movies.


Here is my post dedicated to Hitchcock in the 1960’s.
Pscyho (1960)- I’ve discussed Psycho a few times. It is among my favorite Hitchcock films. Hitchcock liked to challenge the status quo for movies and break barriers. He did that here and quite successfully.

The Birds (1963)- I get that this movie takes something normal and everyday and turns it into something dangerous. The movie is crafted well and acted well, but the subject still annoys me. They are birds…and they are out to get you. They are birds! I’m not saying they can’t be dangerous, but I’m saying I don’t care. I don’t like this movie very much.

Marnie (1964) Starring Sean Connery, this movie is more on par with what Hitchcock did best. About a thief with psychological issues and the man who tries to help her.

Torn Curtain (1966) Starring Julie Andrews and Paul Newman. More along the lines of the Cold War when an American scientist defects to East Germany in what is essentially an undercover spy operation.

Topaz (1963) Quite possibly Alfred Hitchcock’s worst film.


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