New Releases for 2/13/15

Fifty Shades of Grey– Drama/Romance- Wish fulfillment at its worst here. Alright, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a romance movie, but I think this one is more fantasy than romance. It’s unrealistic to the point that I find it annoying. Again, I have a friend who loves romantic films and I’m fine with that, but don’t expect me to run out to watch a film inspired by a book where I’m the better writer.  That’s right, I write better stories than Fifty Shades of Grey.  Better characters with far more depth in more believable situations. Again, I’m sucking the “fun” out of this film.  If you want to watch it. It’s Valentine’s Day this weekend. Go enjoy yourself some cheesy unrealistic romance and just get lost in the fantasy for a couple of hours.

IMDB rating 3.2 of 9,604 ratings.

Rotten Tomatoes 34% and 4.6/10

What to watch instead?- Silver Linings Playbook (2012)- Better characters and a better story.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Colin Firth, Michael Caine, Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Hamill

This movie may not be very romantic, but I think romance should be celebrated everyday rather than one day of the year. So, go out and watch this instead and have some fun. About an old spy recruiting new agents meanwhile a sociopath (Samuel L. Jackson) runs amok in the world.  It has a great cast, some imaginative characters, and is getting good reviews so far. This looks to be the movie to watch this weekend (and perhaps this month). I’m excited and I hope to be writing a review about this one soon.

IMDB- 8.2 of 12,395 ratings.

Rotten Tomatoes 74% and 6.5/10

Limited Release

What We Do in the Shadows (2014)


It is very tough to make an original movie involving vampires, but it can be done. This is about three vampires struggling to endure life in the modern world. Dealing with flatmates, paying rent, and trying to live the mundane life.

IMDB- 7.6 of 15,341 ratings

Rotten Tomatoes- 94% and  7.6/10


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