Rewind- 1960’s- Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)
Audrey Hepburn, Patricia Neal,

I love Audrey Hepburn, not only do I consider her beautiful, but talented with a big heart for humanitarian efforts. One of my favorite Hepburn movies has to be Breakfast at Tiffany’s which was written by the very strange, but very talented Truman Capote. About a young free spirit named Holly (Hepburn) who becomes interested in a somewhat reserved man living within her apartment building. The dynamics of these two are very complicated, but enjoyable. The movie itself is a piece of artwork. The way the sets and scenes are crafted, the chemistry between the two lead actors. How the film captures the New York City lifestyle and feel during that era.

It is a film from the 1960’s, so there is some racism and sexism in it. Especially with a comedic relief character in played by Mickey Rooney as Mr. Yunioshi. Now, I didn’t catch this bit of racism upon my first few viewings. I thought it was just a silly little bit of comedy that I didn’t take seriously. Some people will disagree. Is it racist and a stereotype of an an asian man, yes. Do I feel the movie meant to have a strong racist agenda bent on mocking all asians?  Not at all.

I believe people tend to get offended too easily by jokes. If someone is making racist, sexist, homophobic remarks in a very serious and possibly threatening tone, I would find that reprehensible.  However, if the goal is to be a joke and nothing more. Let it be. (In case you wondered, no, South Park does not offend me. On occasion, I find it hilarious.)

This movie is beautiful with great acting, a great story, and a wonderfully detailed setting involving two well fleshed out characters. Just keep in mind it is meant to be comedic more than suggesting something some huge sociological or racial statement.  .


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