New Releases (2/6/15)

New Releases for 2/6/15
February is finally here and now we have an array of better movies (or so we can hope). What is coming out this week and is there anything good worth checking out?

Jupiter Ascending– This was the first film of 2015 that I was hopeful for. (Although not too hopeful.) It was going to come out in the summer of 2014, but they pushed it back to February on the claim that the film wasn’t ready yet. Most times, when a film that has a set release date nearing and is then pushed back six months or more, it means that the film may not be very good and people within the studio have no confidence in it. On occasion, a film will be pushed back for another like 3D formatting or additional footage needed and more editing, but that the exception. Early reports of this movie describe it as visually stunning and interesting, but poorly constructed. It has too many storylines and not enough time to flesh them out, odd casting, and weaker characters. I’m still hopeful that overall viewers will find this film decent. I give Channing Tatum credit for trying to become a serious movie star. He may fail in this first attempt, but I see him putting in work.
IMDB Rating-6.3 from 1,746 Ratings
Rotten Tomatoes- 28% and a 4.1/10 rating

Which way I’m leaning- I feel Rotten Tomatoes is too harsh sometimes. I don’t think this movie is all that great. Too much focus on visuals rather than the meat of the story and character development. I have favor IMDB rating here. Not the worst movie ever, but certainly not one to be cherished long after its release like The Matrix (1999) or V For Vendetta (2006).

Seventh Son– Another movie that was pushed back months. (I believe a few times, in fact. ) That doesn’t bode well for this fantasy epic movie. I love Jeff Bridges at his finest, and I like the idea of his recent characters (renegade cowboys and wild man. Mavericks), but they don’t come out as well within a movie. Seventh Son looked like a wild action packed movie, but I worried about it being overdone especially with visuals. A common mistake in American film today is focusing more on how it looks rather than what is inside it. Good characters and a good story will save a story that doesn’t have groundbreaking special effects. Everything I’ve heard about this movie is that it has Lord of the Ring/Hobbit elements which are not done nearly as well with characters that aren’t fleshed out. Nothing is fresh, profound, or overall exciting, but it does pass the time. .
IMDB- 5.8 from 5,397 ratings
Rotten Tomatoes- 9% and a 4.2/10
Which way do I lean?- Have to go with IMDB again. Rotten Tomatoes was far too harsh on the film.

Spongebob Squarepants: Sponge Out of Water– There are people who I know whom love this show. I have never understood the show or it’s brand of crude, and overly silly humor. I didn’t care for the first movie that was released in 2004. If you have kids or like the series, then by all means go and watch the movie. Enjoy it! I have no interest in this film, and yet as far as rating go, it looks to be the best movie coming out this weekend and that is a sad fact.
IMDB- 7.4 from 832 Ratings
Rotten Tomatoes- 68% and 6/10
Which way I lean?- Surprised these reviews are as good as they considering this is a sequel and that the kind of humor involved with such a movie. I have to lean with Rotten Tomatoes this time. I can’t see this movie being above average. I’m bias, I admit it, but I just don’t like this kind of humor.


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