April 2015- The Year of the Movie

April 2015

Here I am boasting about the greatness of 2015 and we come to April 2015 and looking around I’m shocked how little will be opening in April. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) proved that April can be big business. Considering how seemingly filled the rest of the summer may be, I thought it would be wise to push films into April. Perhaps not early one because one movie will very likely own the box-office, but else where.

These dates are tentative. They may change any day. If they do, I’ll try to update you about the change.

April 3rd
Furious 7
Director- James Wan (Saw/Insidious)
Starring- Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Kurt Russell, Ronda Rousey, Djimon Hounsou, Jason Statham.

Fast and Furious 6 (2013) broke the box-office in many surprising ways. It soared beyond expectations amassing 788 million plus worldwide.  This movie is taking off almost directly from the events of the last one.
We’ve seen one trailer and it looks both ridiculously stupid and physics defying as ever.

Spoiler warning- skip next paragraph if you can’t stand even the slightest of spoilers.

The addition to Jason Statham to the cast makes this movie all the more tantalizing. Statham doesn’t always make a great movie, but he knows how to do an action movie right and can certainly add some life to this franchise which face it has an expiration date on freshness. (Did it pass? I think it passed and yet like a Twinkie, is still good. Although, I’m not a huge fan of Twinkies anyway. Sorry, Tallahassee from Zombieland. “
If you needed another reason to watch this film, it is Paul Walker’s last film. He died in a car crash in November 2013 as the film was only half way through production. Walker has been a staple in the movie franchise and it will be hard to see them continue without him.. Walker did a lot of awesome things in his life and many of them weren‘t on the screen. (Though you know Fast and Furious 8 is out there. The madness!)

I can’t tell you that this movie will be a good one. In fact, I’d lean towards telling you this movie will be very average. However, a star-studded cast filled with unrealistic car tricks and chases will very likely own most of the April box office that may even rival the numbers put up by Captain American last year. Will I see it? Most likely. I did like the last one and am excited about the additions to the cast. I will miss Paul Walker and want to see him in one more film. The movie doesn’t like exceptional, but it looks like all the others. Mindless fun. The only issue with seeing it is that it raises the chances that another one will be created. I want this to be the last one, but I doubt it will be.

April 10th

IMDB Rating- 8.0 of 3,000 ratings
This movie may be the most interesting film of the month. Much like Chappie, this movie discuss the future of robotics and artificial intelligence. It also brings out what I expected ever since Her was released. A human-robotic relationship with sexual undertones……and perhaps actual blatant sexual behavior. The movie looks interesting and may challenge a lot of theories and personal feelings. As I mentioned in my March post about Chappie, I tend to be more low-tech than high-tech. I’m not excited about unchecked rapid robotic/AI advancement because of the ethical issues involved and the dangers it can produce. I believe this film can be beautiful and profound, but also a bit disturbing. I hope I’ll get the chance to see it.
April 17th 2015
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2
Kevin James, Molly Shannon, Loni Love
Why did they make another one of these? The best thing I can say about the original is that it was almost watchable (barely). Did Kevin James finance the movie himself or something? If not, then someone give me some money and I’d make a better movie. Who thought this was a good idea? This is why we can’t have nice things in America.

April 24th 2015
Little Boy

Starring Emma Watson, Kevin James, Tom Wilkinson
If you missed my rant about wish-fulfillment then you should check it out after my discussion of this movie.  It runs amok in the movie industry and if directors/writers aren’t careful, it can torpedo a movie.
This movie relies heavy on wish-fulfillment. It seems like a touching movie full of smultz, though. I’m interested because Emma Watson often does great work and more and more I’m getting impressed with the work of Tom Wilkinson (Selma, Grand Budapest Hotel).

Wish fulfillment rant.

One thing that drives a movie down for me is overzealous use of wish-fulfillment. Everyone has things they wish would come true. Wouldn’t it be neat if one of them did? (Depends on what you are wishing for?) Things like I’m an average looking girl/guy, but I want all the hot people to obsess over me or I’m just a cashier at store, if only I was selected by some ancient god to be a superhuman defender of the world. Marvel loves wish-fulfillment (I like many of their films, and sometimes love them, but they love themselves some major science fiction/fantasy wish-fulfillment scenarios and that‘s okay.)
The key to making a good wish-fulfillment story is by having something go horribly wrong. That this once perfect idea or situation has much darker consequences to it. (Rant over!)


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