Since I’ll be talking about the 1960’s. Let me open with this one.

The Movie Guy and Friends

Psycho (1960) was directed by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock. Some may be stunned to find that I’m not always in love with Hitchcock films. However, there is no denying his skills as a director; he remains one of the best in the history of film.  Considering the longevity and consistency of his work, few will ever equal that. Psycho was a game changer in suspense/horror. If it didn’t create the slasher film, then it stepped it up to the next level. Almost every slasher film since has some inspiration originating with this film.  A lot of people didn’t want him to make this film, but he was determined and despite all the scrutiny and people in his way, he did it and I’m thankful he did so.

What is your favorite Alfred Hitchcock film?

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