Why I Hate Alfred Hitchcock…but Not Really.

The Movie Guy and Friends

As I went through my favorite 1940’s and 1950’s films, some of you may have noticed I didn’t talk about Alfred Hitchcock. The reason is because I hate Hitchcock films, but not really. While I appreciate Hitchcock because he was a legend and pioneer of filmmaking, a lot of his movies aren’t in my favorites list because the subjects of them don’t interest. From day one of this blog I mentioned that I’m not a huge fan of crime based movies. Things involving murder, gangsters, spies, and other unpleasant things don’t resonate with me. (There are always exceptions mind you.) Many of Hitchcock films are based on these ideas.
I’m also not a fan of his pace. He is from England, and as many know, foreign films often have a very different and slower pace and tone compared to American films (especially mainstream films.) Hitchcock did fairly well making his…

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