Superhero post part 12- Watchmen and more.

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Superhero movie posts
Watchmen (2009) This movie was controversial in many ways. It was not the movie many people expected, but the R rating and the fact that Zach Snyder (300) was in charge should have given  people a clue that this wasn’t like the more family friendly Spider-Man.   It was very violent and dark, with obscure characters, and loaded with heavy philosophical themes.  I should note, that I thought it was among the best movies to come out in 2009, and I still do.  I like to think about ethical, existential, and philosophical ideals in detail and how it correlates with America. So, this movie was perfect for me.
The movie certainly has its flaws. Snyder went into great detail to give almost every character a lengthy back story. It was very well done, but the excessive detailed subtracted from the effectiveness of the film at times. The drifting…

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