Superhero Movie Post- Part 11- The Dark Knight

The Movie Guy and Friends

The year of 2008 already featured some incredible movies in the rising superhero genre (most notably Iron Man), but we received one more great film to finish it off. The Dark Knight is the sequel to Batman Begins (2005) and is arguably the best superhero movie ever created. (I have difficulties thinking of a better movie, but you are welcome to think otherwise.)

This all being said, the movie is not flawless. Batman Begins was great because it made a superhero into something very real. This movie moves away from that realism towards surrealism and that can and likely did upset some people. I see it as the movie being inspired by a comic book and therefore a detachment from reality at some point is bound to happen. There are plenty of down to earth movies out there to enjoy. Give me something with a little fantasy to spice…

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