Rewind-1950’s Suddenly, Last Summer

The Movie Guy and Friends

Suddenly, Last Summer (1959)

Suddenly, Last Summer is a great film starring two amazing female actors with Katherine Hepburn playing Mrs. Violet Venable and Elizabeth Taylor as Catherine Holly. Let’s also mention the quality role that  Montgomery Clift has playing Dr. Cukrowicz. .  This movie is another Tennessee Williams play turned into a movie. Which means we have interesting characters, great dialog and drama, and most likely some unspoken and very closeted homosexuality which is common with Williams.

The movie is about the wealthy son on vacation with Catherine. The reality of how and why he died is so horrible to Mrs. Venable that she wants Catherine not only institutionalized for life, but also given a lobotomy to cover up the truth.  It is up to Dr. Cukrowicz to decide whether Catherine’s tale is exaggerated lunacy or the truth.

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