Superhero Post Part Thirteen Phase One Marvel Movies

Iron Man 2/Thor/ Captain America: The First Avenger
Marvel goes on a role.
When I mean Marvel goes on a role, I’m speaking in terms of box office as all of their movies starting with Iron Man have dominated the industry and racked up hundreds of millions for them. Does that mean every movie is gold? Far from it.

Iron Man 2 (2010)- After the incredible success of Iron Man, it was a no-brainer that Iron Man 2 was coming. Would it fall to the problems of so many sequels or would it take it to new heights? The answer is both.
I enjoy Iron Man 2, but it is clearly an inferior movie compared to the original. The biggest flaw in the movie is that it promises so much more action than it gives. There are some neat action sequences scattered throughout, but not enough to satisfy. A mere tease. Then there is this buildup to a finale that isn’t at all satisfying either. You get to see Iron Man/Tony Stark solve of their problems which are important, but it needed to be leveled off better with action or at least tension. Mickey Rourke plays Ivan Vanko who is the main antagonist (although you would barely know it.) Jeff Bridges as Obehdiah was so much cooler and well-defined.  Then there is this joke of a “villain” named Justin Hammer who is played by Sam Rockwell. He is uninspired and the comedy around him is annoying. They basically use the same joke many different times to the point it looses its punch by the end of the movie.
I will say that Scarlett Johansson  as black widow was a great addition. She provided more action and more sexual tension for Tony Stark to deal with. Replacing Terrence Howard with Don Cheadle as Rhodey was a big move and there was some minor controversy around it. While I have nothing against Howard’s version, I like the way Cheadle plays Rhodey more. In the end, Iron Man 2 isn’t terrible, but it certainly could have better and was a major letdown after the first one.

Andrew’s grade-(Rental)

Thor (2011)- A lot of people didn’t really care for how they made this movie, but I didn’t mind. They started awkwardly and zig zagged about for a while. We didn’t see a lot of Thor being Thor in this movie. The action sequences in the beginning were a lot of fun. Tom Hiddleston who plays Loki was amazing in that role. The movie sags a bit and kinda has trouble in bits and pieces. The movie did a pretty good job combining action and comedy and having good placement. The action was good and the cast featuring Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman, Stellan Skarsgard, Clark Gregg, Chris Hemsworth, and Tom Hiddleston was marvelous. What I like about this film is that it humanizes Thor, who is a Norse god. We get to see what he has to overcome and some people can certainly relate to that. The action sequences were beautiful and the cast was strong. They did meander a bit too much at times, but in the end they provided quality entertainment.

Andrew’s rating- (Rental)

Captain America (2011)
I didn’t like the movie Captain America: The First Avenger all that much. I suppose it’s because it starts in the 1940’s which makes perfect sense given his origin. I think the way they opened the movie was fine, but the middle of the movie drags on a bit in a strange place. The movie takes some time to develop. The second half of the movie is far better than the first half. Chris Evans didn’t impress me Johnny Storm (the human torch) in Fantastic Four, but I do like his version of Captain America a lot. Hugo Weaving as Red Skull was also a plus for this movie. (Though it doesn‘t sound like he will be reprising that role anytime soon sorry to say.) The rough start can make this movie difficult to watch, but if you can endure you are rewarded with a quality finish.

Andrew’s Rating- (Rental)


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