Superhero post part 12- Watchmen and more.

Superhero movie posts
Watchmen (2009) This movie was controversial in many ways. It was not the movie many people expected, but the R rating and the fact that Zach Snyder (300) was in charge should have given  people a clue that this wasn’t like the more family friendly Spider-Man.   It was very violent and dark, with obscure characters, and loaded with heavy philosophical themes.  I should note, that I thought it was among the best movies to come out in 2009, and I still do.  I like to think about ethical, existential, and philosophical ideals in detail and how it correlates with America. So, this movie was perfect for me.
The movie certainly has its flaws. Snyder went into great detail to give almost every character a lengthy back story. It was very well done, but the excessive detailed subtracted from the effectiveness of the film at times. The drifting off into other topics and storylines within one movie reminds of a spider (and I‘m not fond of spiders) a movie with one body, but eight legs dangling from it.  The legs are large enough to distract you from the body. In other terms, all these extra details can displace you while your watching the movie  Even for me, a guy who likes the film, there are times where it can really drag because it is so loaded with characters and storylines to follow.  However, the special effects were stunning. The script was very good and the cast played their roles perfectly.
Watchmen spoke of great truths about our society.  They detailed detachment from our world with Dr. Manhattan, the people with good intentions, but will do the most horrible things to attain them like Ozymandius, and the hopeless pessimism that envelopes Rorschach.  Then you have characters like the Comedian who basically is a very depressed/cynical Joker. Yeah, he’s still psychotic and with a cruel sense of humor, but a bleak outlook on life. Things are so horrible that the only way he can cope with it is with laughter.  Worst of all is how often the Comedians theories on life, death, America, and everything else turn out correct.  This movie presents us with a distorted and dystopic image of America. The ugliness, hatred, and violence of our nation exposed for all the world to see.  This movie is beautiful and deep, but it breaks my heart in so many places.

Who is your favorite character in Watchmen?

Mine was Dr. Manhattan since I could relate to him. (Ironic, I know.)

Let me skip a little ahead to talk about this DC train wreck.
Green Lantern (2011)
This was one of those movies that you looked at the trailers and you already knew it was going to suck. Then you realized you couldn’t be prepared for how bad this film would be.  I know a lot of people are excited for this Deadpool movie, but I’m a bit worried. Ryan Reynolds has been in several very awful Superhero or comic book related films  (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, R.I.P.D. ) If he screws up Deadpool then I think it’s time to banish him from comic book related movies…at least for like a decade like Affleck. (I’m on board with Battfleck)


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