Gojira aka Godzilla (1954)

I love Godzilla. No, not in some creepy way, but just he is an icon of my childhood. When I was very young (let’s say seven) I didn’t like the original film because there wasn’t enough action in it.  However, within the decade I became a fan.  The first Godzilla film is less about a giant lizard rampaging through Japan, but more about a renegade nuclear program created by America and the monster it created. (Perhaps in more than one way.)  The film has very little Godzilla in it and mostly at the end (a fact so many people seemed to forget last May when complaining about the new Godzilla movie.)  This movie launched a whole new genre for films and that isn’t always a good thing. There were many cheap knock-offs that came from it, Even Godzilla became watered down and extra hokey. Don’t believe me? Watch Son of Godzilla (1967) and get back to me.

Godzilla (remake number one) 1998- When I first saw this movie as a teenager, I liked it. A lot of people did not.  As I got older and watched more movies, I realized that this  movie wasn’t all that good. By this point in my life I look at that film as an okay big monster film, but they should remove the name Godzilla completely.  It was the 1990’s, things got weird and that’s not really Godzilla, but some other big lizard.

The new remake. Godzilla (2014)- I really enjoyed this version. It was a wonderfully fun time. (the whole theater applauded on opening night on several occasions. Loved the energy of the room.) Brian Cranston was magnificent in the film, but the acting was a bit simplistic. A better script for the sequels could do wonders to improve its reputation. I fully intend to see the sequel which may likely have more fights and more Godzilla in it. Although I hope they film it in a similar style (only slightly less teasing in it, though.)


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