Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb Review

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb


I walked into this movie because of Robin Williams. I loved Robin Williams and he was a big part of my life in that he had so often brought me laughter. The day he died was a truly sad day. I felt that I had lost a dear friend and it was a tough few days afterwards. I also watched this film because at the heart of it lies this idea that history needs to be learned and preserved for future generations. I’m a study of history and support films that may show people how interesting history can be.

I hoped that I was not walking into a trap.  I thoroughly enjoyed the first one. It had it’s laughs and it was entertaining and light. A perfect movie for families around the holiday, but it also had deeper levels involving the bond of father and son.  The second one however was ghastly, whatever joy there was in the franchise was substituted for product placement, and tons of lackluster jokes and excessive crude humor. It was so horrible…so very horrible. (No man should ever endure such a film.)

I wound up having a wonderful time. A fitting end to Robin Williams career in movies and the Night at the Museum franchise. (Please don’t screw it up with a 4th one.Let it go.)

General story of this movie.

Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) is still the night security guard at the Museum of Natural History.  However, he now has found a new way to use the magic within the museum to promote history and learning; the visual aspect of this was quite awesome.    Something is going wrong and the tablet which has given the power to these inanimate objects is starting to corrode and nobody knows why.  It’s up to Daley and his crew from history to travel to the British Museum of Natural History to understand what is happening and whether or not it can be stopped.

My Issues with the movie.

There were very few if any major issues with this film, but still some little things. The biggest issue I had involved the humor. There were plenty of enjoyable jokes to keep the film entertaining on a higher level.  Then came moments of very crude and simplistic humor.   Again, being a kids/family film I was willing to let most slide. However, if you removed these few crude jokes, you are still left with an enjoyable romp through the world they’ve created without any minor distractions.  There were also some continuity issues and certain characters understood concepts and sights a lot more than they should have.(Keep saying, it’s not meant to be scientifically restrained. It’s family fantasy….deal with it.) The movie isn’t trying to win an Oscar or be this ground breaking movie filled with profound moments, it’s just trying to entertain us for a couple of hours. (It achieved its goal with me.)

The Positives

I really enjoyed movie overall. It wasn’t a laugh out loud gut-buster of a movie, but one that kept me smiling, chuckling, and engaged from start to finish.  There are a couple of layers to this film, too.  We have Larry Daley having issues with his son, Nick Daley (different actor now) who is now getting to the age to decide what he will do with his future. Where will he go and what dreams will he follow? Naturally, speaking from his years of failure, Larry doesn’t approve of his son’s youthful approach to the future. This is a source of tension several times throughout the film and I like it. It brings back what I felt was lacking in the second one.  A bit of heart.

There is also the issue of the magic of this tablet is running low and the quest to resolve this problem. The crew winds up getting assistance from Sir Lancelot. (By far the best part of this movie.) I loved that character and the existential crisis he faces (it may not be very deep, but profound enough for a movie like this.)

The supporting cast of this movie is wonderful. We have the three original night guards played by Dick Van Dyke, Mickey Rooney, Bill Cobbs making an appearance and let’s not forget Ricky Gervais.  Sir Ben Kingsley plays the lovely Pharoah Merenkahre.  Even Rami Malek as Ahkmenrah and Rebel Wilson as Tilly, the British security guard do their jobs well. (Again, I’m doubting anyone getting an Oscar for theses roles, but pleasant enough still.)

There is even a wonderful cameo that I won’t spoil, but it may be among the best bits in the whole movie.

At the end, we say goodbye to Robin Williams as Theodore Roosevelt, but it also felt like he was saying goodbye to me. His final words were quite fitting given the life of laughter and wonder he filled so many people with. For all the laughs and all the movies, I thank you one last time, Mr. Robin Williams.

The movie in all is a lovely fantasy movie where creatures and people from history come to life and interact with one another.It was entertaining and certainly had his funny parts.  Even a few lessons we can take away from it to possibly better ourselves.

If you enjoyed the first one, i’d say go and watch this one. You’ll likely have a good time with it.  Accept the facts that it is made for children, but can still be enjoyed by older crowds.


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